Month End Processing

Defense Finance
and Accounting Service
Providing payment services of the U.S. Department of Defense

2015 MOCAS Month-End Cycle Dates

The following is a projected schedule for MOCAS month-end processing for calendar year 2015. These dates are tentative and subject to change without notice.

2015 Calendar for MOCAS End of Months

 Month           Final MOCAS Cycle    Additional Notes

Jan. 29 dated 30  
February Feb. 27 dated 28  
March Mar. 29 dated 31  
April Apr. 29 dated 30  
May May 29 dated 30  
June Jun. 28 dated 30  
July Jul. 30 dated 31 Start checking for expiring funds for FY15
August Aug. 28 dated 29  
September Sep. 29 dated 30 Fiscal Year Ends
October Oct. 30 dated 31 New Fiscal Year Begins (FY16)
November Nov. 25 dated 26 Submit invoices you want paid before year end
December Dec. 29 dated 30  
Page updated January 09, 2015