How to Complete DD Form 1351-2 for Do-It-Yourself/Personally Procured Moves

Follow these steps to complete and accurate DD1351-2 for your Do-It-Yourself/Personally Procured Move

Block 1

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is mandatory for all service  members.  Service members must submit a voided check or SF 1199.

Block 3 Rank
Block 4 Social Security Number
Block 5 Indicate "Other", write "PPM" for your DITY claim
Block 6a-d Valid mailing address for receipt of advice payment
Block 6e Valid email address
Block 7 Daytime telephone number in the event your DPMO or DFAS-Rome should need to make contact
Block 8 Order number which is annotated on your PCS orders
Block 9 List any and all advances/previous payments paid from any Finance Office pertaining to this PCS move
Block 10 Leave blank
Block 11 New duty address
Block 15 Itinerary-Not required. Draw a line from the bottom left corner to the top right and printthe word "DITY" or "PPM" on or above it. Means/Mode of Travel: Leave blank
Block 16 Leave blank
Block 17 Leave blank
Block 18 Leave blank . Please completean Operating Expense Worksheet.
Block 19 Leave blank
Block 20a c

Signature of traveler (include date voucher was signed)

Signature of Reviewer - Transportation Office (include date reviewed)

*Please submit a completed DD Form 2278, Weight Tickets, and Operating Personal Expense (OPE) Worksheet accompanied with DD1351-2 and Orders.

**Please submit a Housing Relocation form for a local PPM**