Voucher Payment Process Steps

We will send a Notification of Receipt to the submitting email address. You can check the status of your claim at Travel Voucher Direct (Please allow 48 hours before checking status). You will receive updates if a valid e-mail address is provided in box 6E on your DD1351-2.

The 5 steps listed below describe where your voucher is in the process.

Step 1: Your voucher has been received.
We received your voucher but have not begun processing it.

Step 2: Your voucher has been received and logged.
Your information has been logged into our payment system and is being routed to the examination team.

Step 3: Your voucher has been assigned to an examiner.
Your payment is currently being examined and calculated in accordance with entitlements claimed on your voucher and authorized in your orders.

Step 4: Your voucher is awaiting approval.
Your payment amount has been calculated and is being reviewed for approval.  Once approved, the payment system will release the funds.

Step 5: Your voucher has been released for payment.
Your payment was approved and released by our payment system. The funds should be available within 3-5 business days.  

Page updated July 30, 2019​