Payment of SGLI Premiums by Reserve and Guard Members When in a Non-Pay Status

Reserve and Guard Members who are drilling for points, but not pay, are covered by Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI). When their coverage is in effect depends on their status. For example, members who are assigned to a unit and scheduled to drill at least 12 times per year have 24/7 SGLI coverage.

Regardless of whether they’re covered full-time or part-time, if members are drilling for points and not pay, they’re still responsible for paying SGLI premiums. Each branch of service has different procedures for payment of SGLI premiums. It’s important for members to know how their branch expects to receive SGLI premium payments so they can set money aside to pay SGLI premiums, if necessary.

The information below explains how each branch of service expects to receive SGLI premium payments from members in a non-pay status. Use this information to help answer any basic questions from members about payment procedures and where to send payments. Members with more specific questions can call their branch directly at the numbers listed below or visit the VA's SGLI website.

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