Personally Procured Moves (PPM)

(formerly referred to as Do-It-Yourself (DITY) Moves)

PPM Requirements:

DD1351-2- Completed and signed by Reviewing official
PCS Travel Orders
DD2278- Calculated by the Transportation Office*
Copies of Certified Weight tickets including Gross (full) weight and one for Tare (empty) weight
Operating Expense (OPE) worksheet- if attempting to reduce your taxable income
Copy of Paid Rental Agreement
Copy of vehicle registration when utilizing POV and/or boat/trailer move (See JTR for details)

*Weight Allowances are based on rank and type of move (See JTR for details)

Operating Expenses:

Operating expenses (OPE) are goods that Service Members pay for that lower their taxable income when they claim the PPM/ DITY move.  Items that can be reused are not normally authorized.

Common Operating Expenses:

Authorized Expenses Unauthorized Expenses
Truck and Trailer Rental Rental or Purchase of Auto Transporter
Safe Move and Safe Tow Insurance Purchase of Dolly
Hand Truck and Dolly Rental Extra Drivers
Furniture Pads Oil Change/Lube 
Boxes/Totes/Tape Meals/Lodging
Oil/Fuel/Electric Vehicle Charging/Tolls Hitch Fees/Tow Bars
Hired Labor Routine Maintenance
Rope/Tarps/Tie-Downs/Tie Straps Storage
Packing Material Locks
Weight Ticket Fees Tire Chains
Portable Storage Containers (PODS)  
Environmental Fees  
Sales Tax  

Incentive Pay for Authorized Expenses:
Military moves are not taxable unless you receive incentive pay.  Incentive pay is taxed at 22%. You will be mailed a W-2 on the incentive pay amount for the tax year you received the payment.This type of W-2 is not available on myPay.

Still have questions? Please see your Transportation Office for assistance.

Page updated May 21, 2024