Supplemental Travel Vouchers

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Supplemental Travel Vouchers

If your TDY settlement voucher was not fully paid because of an error or omission, you can submit a supplemental travel voucher.

Make sure you have the most currrent version of the DD Form 1351-2 dated May 2011.

When preparing a supplemental claim, the following information must be included:

1. a DD 1351-2 marked ‘SUPPLEMENTAL’ with a full explanation of the item(s) in error
2. a copy of the original payment voucher
3. a copy of the initial DD 1351-2 and continuation sheets (if any)
4. a copy of the travel orders and any amendments
5. a copy of all supporting documentation applicable to the supplemental claim. 

Where to send your claim?
Fax to:  317-275-0329
DSN: 510-366-0329
Email to:

If you think you were paid in error, contact us! We are here to help.
1-888-332-7366 or  DSN: 699-0300, select option 1

Page updated July 31, 2019