Daily Voucher Processing Update

As of January 21, current travel voucher* turn around processing time is 8 business days. (Allow 3 - 5 business days for payment to deposit in your financial institution account once processing is complete.)
*Travel vouchers are processed in the order they are received

If claiming lodging - receipts are now again required for these types of claims.

The tool works with all browsers except Safari. (Please note: This tool will only work with CAC enabled computers.)

Check the status of your voucher with the  Online Payment Status Tool. or contact the Customer Care Center 1-888-332-7411

Steps in the Voucher Payment Process

DFAS processes Military TDY vouchers for Army Military Members only.

All other services, please contact your finance office for travel pay assistance.

Upload your travel voucher and supporting documents online!
Travel Voucher Direct is available for all travel claims computed and paid by DFAS.

COVID-19 Stop Movement Guidance

As a result of COVID-19 and the Stop Movement Order, Soldiers and their families may be authorized entitlements due to interruptions in travel or during periods of quarantine.

Please see applicable flowchart to determine eligibility for associated allowances:

Status Flow Charts
PCS PCS Flow Chart
TDY TDY Flow Chart
On Leave Leave Flow Chart
Not on Travel or Leave  ROM Flow Chart

Once you have determined what allowance you are eligible for, click on the below links to be taken to your page

Arrived at your ordered New PDS but were delayed enroute due to COVID-19

Delayed enroute to your new PDS due to COVID-19 and have not arrived at your ordered NEW PDS

Multiple statements on the COVID-19 DD1610

For additional information, please refer to the FAQs or the ALARACT

FAQs - U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) COVID-19/Coronavirus

ALARACT - Guidance for Filing Permanent Change of Station (PCS) AND Temporary Duty (TDY) Travel Claim

Still have a question, please contact- HRC’s Army Service Center @ 1-800-582-5552

Make sure your claim is complete and correct before you send it in! Follow these five steps:

  1. Read the Temporary Duty Travel Voucher Guide to find out how to complete the DD 1351-2 travel voucher.
  2. Use the Traveler's Checklist to make sure you complete all the required information. 
  3. Look at these frequently asked questions.
  4. Avoid these top errors to get your payment without delay.  

The May 2011 version of the travel voucher, DD1351-2 is the only accepted version of the form!

You can submit your voucher using one of the following methods...
1) digitally signed and electronically submitted,
2) digitally signed, hard copy printed then emailed, faxed or mailed in or 
3) hard copy printed with pen/ink signatures and emailed, faxed or mailed.

Remember, you can use the SmartVoucher to make things easier! It guides you step-by-step through a series of questions and upon completion, it will generate a completed DD Form 1351-2 travel voucher. 

Use a separator sheet
Are you sending in more than one claim at the same time? Make sure you print the separator sheet and place it between each claim. Then submit online with the Travel Voucher Direct.

Include a current email address
Make sure you enter a current, valid email address on your DD1351-2 travel voucher. We send your 'notification of receipt' email to the address you provide. We don't want you to miss messages from us about your travel voucher!

Active Duty TDY Entitlements

Returned Vouchers

Vouchers that are determined to be non-pay ready will be returned to travelers with remarks on what is needed in order to pay. 

Once the voucher has been corrected, you can refile it for payment.

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