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Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Gray Area Retirees

Gray Area Retirees can now stay connected and informed between the time they stop drilling and the time they start receiving retired pay. It’s a new kind of myPay account especially for Gray Area Retirees.

This basic “Future Retiree” myPay account provides Gray Area Retirees a convenient way to keep your contact information updated with DFAS during the gray area period, so you can receive important information from DFAS and from the Air Force.

With your current contact information, DFAS can keep you informed about changes in the law or policy that may affect you, send you the Air Force Afterburner Retiree Newsletter and the DFAS Retiree Newsletter, and remind you when the window to apply for retired pay is approaching.

In addition, with current contact information in the new myPay account, when DFAS receives a completed Gray Area Retiree application for retired pay, DFAS will send email status notifications to you, including: when DFAS receives the application, when DFAS begins working on the application, and when DFAS completes it. Remember, you should always be working first with the Air Force on your retired pay application.

Who Are Gray Area Retirees?

Gray Area Retirees are members who served in the Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve, are qualified for retired pay, and have retired from their service (stopped drilling), but are not yet at the age where they can start receiving retired pay. The time between their retirement from the service and the date when they are eligible to begin receiving retired pay is the “gray area.” The “gray area” applies even if the member is in the Retired Reserve.

If you are unsure if you are a Gray Area Retiree and eligible for retired pay, contact the Total Force Service Center – San Antonio at 1-800-525-0102.

Important Information for Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Gray Area Retirees

For Air Force Reserve and ANG Airmen, the retirement packet will be completed by the individual (retirement is not an automatic process). No earlier than 12 months and no later than 6 months in advance of pay effective date, you must apply by logging into the Air Force Virtual Personnel Center (myPers), and clicking on Access the vPC Dashboard.

Once complete, the packet will be forwarded to DFAS for pay processing. Only then will DFAS track and advise the customer of the status.

Early Receipt of Retired Pay

Some members of the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard may be eligible to receive retired pay earlier than their 60th birthday, depending on how their creditable service is calculated. To find out what date you can begin collecting retired pay, start with myPers and the Access vPC Dashboard. After clicking on the “Action Requests” tab, look in the “Retirements (Overview)” section and click on “Reduced Retired Pay Age Application” link.

Currently, Air National Guard members will need to submit orders for periods of “potentially qualifying” service within the application. Air Force Reserve members don’t need to attach activation orders – merely save and submit. Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center has access to retrieve their orders in the Air Force Reserve Orders Writing System.

Late Applications

If you are past your date to apply for retired pay as a Gray Area Retiree, you should login to the Access vPC Dashboard in myPers. Click on the “Action Requests” tab and Under “Retirements (Overview)” click on the “Apply for Retirement (Reserve, AGR, Mandatory, or Pay at Age 60)” link. You will be prompted to read and initial Retirement Knowledge. Select your Retirement Type prior to completing the application. You’ll be prompted to enter contact information and upload the required pay documents (DD Form 2656) and any additional documents if needed.


Page updated Aug 18, 2022

How to Stay Connected During the Gray Area

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