Helpful Form Wizards and Convenient askDFAS Online Upload Tools

At DFAS, we continue to look for ways to make filling out forms and sending information to us as easy as possible.
Two resources we provide are Form Wizards and the askDFAS Online Upload Tools.
Form Wizards are a tool that “takes the form out of the form” by having a customer answer a series of questions. Their responses to those questions are then populated in the proper areas of the forms.
askDFAS is a convenient way to submit requests and eliminate the time and hassle of sending requests through mail or fax and provide more timely and accurate service to retirees and annuitants. We have a collection of online tools that allow forms and required documentation to be filled out or uploaded at askDFAS on the website.

Form Wizards

Form Wizards help ensure the form is filled out correctly. Fields that are required or have a particular format will alert a customer if information is input incorrectly or if required information is missing. It will not allow the filled-in form to be generated until the input is corrected.

Another benefit of using a Form Wizard is it allows for informational pop-ups to guide a customer in providing the proper responses to complete their form. 

Some Form Wizards allow for electronic signature and a direct upload to askDFAS, which eliminates the need for a customer to print, sign and then either mail, fax or scan the document to upload. A customer can have peace of mind that their form was completed and submitted correctly to DFAS. 

Form Wizards available are on the Forms webpage of the DFAS R&A website at The Form Wizard is positioned above the PDF version of the form on the website.
Form Wizards available for retiree-related forms include: 
DD Form 2894- Designation of Beneficiary Information
     Used to designate a beneficiary or beneficiaries for the retiree’s final pay, known as the Arrears of Pay.

     Allows for electronic signature and direct upload to askDFAS.

SF 1174- Claim for Unpaid Compensation of Deceased Member of the Uniformed Service
     Used by a beneficiary or claimant to submit a claim for the deceased retiree’s arrears of pay.

Form Wizards available for annuitant-related forms are as follows:
DD Form 2656-7- Verification for Survivor Annuity
     Used by the annuitant to apply for their annuity as the beneficiary from the Survivor Benefit Plan.

     Allows for electronic signature and direct upload to askDFAS.

DD From 2788- Child Annuitant’s School Certificate
     Used by a child annuitant, between the ages of 18 to 22 and attending school full-time, to certify their annual school attendance.

     Allows for electronic signature and direct upload to askDFAS.

DFAS 9415- Representative Payee Certification
     Used by a person applying to be the Representative Payee on the behalf of the annuitant, if the annuitant is mentally incompetent, or an otherwise legally disabled person for whom a guardian or other fiduciary has not been appointed. 
Please note as forms are updated in newer versions of Adobe, when using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari to access a form or Form Wizard, you must download or save the PDF to your computer or device. Then go to the saved location and open the form or Form Wizard. It is not recommended to save completed forms on a public or shared computer due to Personal Identifiable Information (PII).
askDFAS Online Upload Tools
We continue to build a suite of online tools that allow forms and required documentation to be filled out or uploaded at askDFAS on the website, which is also accessible on a mobile browser.

askDFAS tools are a quick and easy way to submit select forms and documents to us directly. Instead of mailing or faxing your completed forms, for some you can now either fill out an online form or upload them directly in a PDF through the askDFAS online tools on the website.

Please note all documents uploaded to an askDFAS online tool MUST be in PDF format and contain the Social Security Number of the retiree or deceased member. Also, the askDFAS online upload tools can only accept the specific form and documentation noted on the specific upload tool. Other requests or documents cannot be processed through that online upload tool.

See more information about askDFAS Online Upload Tools by clicking on Retirees & Annuitants at:

Page Updated Sept 27 2023