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askDFAS Refresh: Making Tools Easier to Use 

We continue to look for ways to make the important work of managing pay easier for military retirees, Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) annuitants, and survivors. 
Using your feedback, along with ideas from partners who process your requests, we set out on a mission to make the askDFAS experience more intuitive and helpful. 
One comment we heard from retirees and SBP annuitants was: finding the way to an online upload tool or online form on askDFAS wasn’t always easy. 
So, this year, we undertook a major project to change that.  

The 2024 askDFAS Refresh 
On May 16, 2024, we refreshed the “Ask Retired Pay” module of askDFAS to make it easier to navigate. The changes combine the familiar functionality that you’ve come to enjoy while also expanding your options and reorganizing tools in a thoughtful way so you can easily find the correct tool for your request.  

askDFAS Retired Pay Online Customer Categories

As you survey the new options on the “Ask Retired Pay” module of askDFAS, you’ll see reorganized and expanded online form upload tools, new self-service tools, the ability to report a death, and the opportunity to send account questions to the DFAS Cleveland Customer Care Center via an askDFAS ticket. 
To provide additional support as you learn all the tools and capabilities of the askDFAS Refresh, we are happy to announce a comprehensive guide is available now on our website! You may find it here: https://www.dfas.mil/raguideonlinetools
We are very excited about the new online tools available to you following our askDFAS Refresh! Later in this newsletter you will find detailed articles that take you on a guided tour of what’s available. 
For details about all the available tools available to you, our military retiree community, please see the article titled askDFAS Refresh: Detailed Tour for Retirees in this issue of the Retiree Newsletter. 
If you are an SBP annuitant or you know SBP annuitants who would benefit from this information or you wish to inform those who will survive you when you pass away, , please see the article about all the available tools to SBP annuitants and survivors titled askDFAS Refresh: Detailed Tour for SBP Annuitants/Survivors in this issue. 

Page Updated June 26 2024