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News from Our Partners: Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society: Celebrating 120 years of service - providing over 5 million Sailors and Marines with $2 billion in financial assistance! 

In their own words: USN Surviving Spouse, Washington D.C. 
The assistance I received today from NMCRS arrived at a time where I felt it was impossible to recover financially. I had little to no options prior to my counseling session. The aid received today has lifted the burdens I carried in recent months. Much gratitude to Ms. Heesch and the staff in providing me with a budgetary plan and the inspiration to take actionable steps to achieve new financial goals.
To learn more about how the Society is providing relief, as well as read some stories about clients, volunteers and donors please visit https://www.nmcrs.org/about-us/legacy-newsletters-index.

Receiving Assistance. 

If you are facing a financial challenge, please do not hesitate to reach out to NMCRS. All of our programs and services are free and confidential. Our support does not affect your credit score. The most common requests for our no-interest loans and grant assistance are basic living expenses, such as rent and food.

Each year, NMCRS provides millions of dollars in assistance for these daily needs to both active duty and retired Sailors and Marines. To learn more, please visit https://www.nmcrs.org

NMCRS Visiting Nurse, Susan McKelvey, BSN, RN, IBCLC, was honored with The DAISY Award® For Extraordinary Nurses. 

This award is part of the DAISY Foundation's efforts to recognize the incredible work that nurses perform every day. Susan was presented with her award as part of the Society’s celebrations during National Nurses Week in May. You can learn more about her award here, and to learn about the Visiting Nurse Program visit https://www.nmcrs.org/our-services/visiting-nurses

We LOVE our Volunteers! 

Volunteers are the backbone of Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, making up over 90% of our staff! This is what makes it possible for our donated funds to assist Sailors, Marines, and their families. When service members seek our assistance, they often interact directly with one of our skilled volunteers.  

Not sure if this is right for you? Our volunteers have unique backgrounds and experiences and they have different reasons for serving. For many, volunteering can help build job-relevant skills and experience. Others find that they can use skills they already have to serve in a new area.

Volunteer opportunities in the Society include leading a team, performing mission-related tasks, and providing support and assistance. 

Our offices are located on Navy and Marine Corps bases across the country and around the world. Some opportunities allow you to volunteer from home so you don't need to be near a base. For most, you can volunteer as few as three hours a week. 

As a volunteer, you will: 

  • Receive specialized training 

  • Get extensive support and resources 

  • Connect with other volunteers and build friendships 

  • Get assistance with child- and dependent-care and mileage expenses 

  • Help others and make a difference 

  • Build experience to add to your resume 

  • Feel appreciated and have fun 

 “I wanted to volunteer at the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society because there was an opportunity to give back and serve those that protect our Country. It is an honor being an NMCRS volunteer, engaging with clients as I log them in for their appointment and being affiliated with an organization that assists in such meaningful ways.”   
 Lloyd Gillespie, Volunteer 
You can learn more about volunteering at NMCRS
Give with confidence! NMCRS has the highest attainable charity ratings. 
NMCRS has a four-star rating with Charity Navigator. You can read more here 
We also have a platinum rating from Candid (formerly Guidestar). You can learn more here
NMCRS can “be there” when a Sea Service member is in need, because of donors like you. Your generous giving allows us to give back in ways and experiences that are truly priceless.
If you would like to set up an allotment, please contact NMCRS at giving@nmcrs.org to begin the process. If you would like to make a gift online to support your fellow shipmates and Marines, you can make a credit card donation at https://support.nmcrs.org/a/rfd 
Checks can be mailed to: 
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society 
Attn: Development Department 
875 N. Randolph St, Suite 275 
Arlington, VA 22203 
Looking for other ways to donate? Please visit https://www.nmcrs.org/get-involved/donate  
Thank you! 

Page Updated June 26 2024