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Coming This Summer: A Re-Imagined askDFAS Experience!

Starting early this summer, we’d like to invite you to visit askDFAS and check out the improvements we have in store to make the entire experience more intuitive and helpful for SBP annuitants. We will have a fresh layout with easier-to-use capabilities to upload a form, ask a question, or complete a self-service request. 
And for anyone who uses askDFAS regularly—don't worry! The askDFAS site remains available today to assist you with your account needs. We’ll have plenty of resources to help you with the re-imagined layout after it launches. 
This article provides a sneak-peek at some important self-service tools you will have available on askDFAS to manage your SBP annuity account. 
The re-imagined askDFAS will have a brand-new category called “Self-Service Account Changes.” Within this category, there are two subcategories that may be of interest to you as an SBP Annuitant. 
The first is the “Mailing Address Update – SBP Annuitants” subcategory. From one simple ticket, you will be able to request that your mailing address be updated on your account. You’ll be able to submit your request online 24/7 without having to fill out a form or call the DFAS Customer Care Center! 
How will you do it? Simply fill out the required information on the ticket. If you correctly answer the validation questions your request will be processed and the new mailing address will be active for your account. 
The second subcategory of interest to SBP Annuitants that will be in this category is called “Generate Verification of Pay Letter.” Banks or other financial institutions often need documentation of your income. 
Once the update is live, if you need to get a letter from DFAS that confirms your entitlements that we pay you, you will be able to request one there. The Verification of Pay letter will be mailed to the address on file, if you correctly answered the validation questions. 
Another tool in the upcoming relaunch of askDFAS will make it easier for your loved ones to notify us when an SBP Annuitant passes away. And while it is always difficult to think about what happens when you pass away, it is critical that the SBP Annuity payments are stopped as soon as possible after your death. 
The new “Report a Death/Survivor Ask a Question” category will have a subcategory called “Report an SBP Annuitant Death.” Your family, or anyone aware of a death, can report it to DFAS using this quick form. They can also get their questions answered from within this category. 
This tool will allow a family member or anyone to notify DFAS online 24/7, which could be particularly helpful for overseas customers.  
Please make note of this tool and put it with your important documents so that your loved ones know what to do when you pass away. You can also learn more at the following page: https://www.dfas.mil/anndeath 
When it comes to askDFAS—we’re all about making it the most helpful place for you to take care of important requests. In future editions of this newsletter, we’ll continue our tour of all the capabilities available to SBP annuitants on the re-imagined askDFAS website. 
It’s easy to get to askDFAS from our Quick Tools page: https://www.dfas.mil/raquicktools  

Page updated Apr 24 2024