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2015 Year End Retiree Account Statement

Overview: The Year End RAS is your final RAS for the year. It reflects your December payment.

1. Dates: The Statement Effective Date on this RAS will be DEC 13, 2015 and the New Pay Due Date on this RAS will be FEB 01, 2016.

2. Pay Information: Since there has been no change in your monthly payment, both the Old and New Pay figures should be the same for your gross pay. However, your net pay after figure may be different if there are changes in the Federal Income Tax Withholding amount.

3. Year to Date Summary: Your Year to Date Summary will reflect the full 12 months of your retired pay for 2015, and will match the figures on your 1099-R.

4. Messages: No unusual messages were triggered on this RAS. If your Federal Income Tax Withholding changed, there will be a message notifying you of this. Other messages that appear on individual RAS's will depend on individual retiree's circumstances. if your have any questions about the messages you should contact the Cleveland Customer Care Center.