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Insurance Allotments

If your insurance premium amount changes, contact DFAS to change the amount of your allotment deduction by calling 800-321-1080 (unless you are a member of Tricare or Long-Term Care Insurance). Your insurer cannot stop, start, or change your allotment on your behalf.

For Tricare and Long-Term Care insurance allotments, contact the insurance provider for help with changing your allotment amount.

If you received a Retiree Account Statement (RAS) indicating a net pay change, it may be a sign that you need to contact your insurance company and have us adjust your allotment amount.

If an allotment is sent to the insurance company that is greater than the amount due for your premium, the company will often send the overpayment back to DFAS. We, in turn, refund the overpayment to you in the same method that your retired pay is received.

We will notify you of payment returns from the insurance company, but this will not be reflected on your RAS.

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