International Military Students Travel Regulations and Allowances

Host installations completing vouchers on behalf of the foreign military students attending training are responsible for following the instructions below. Please note the items below to avoid making mistakes on student vouchers.

Excess Baggage

  • To claim excess baggage, include a copy of the receipt. If the receipt is missing, get the Statement in Lieu of Receipt form filled out, signed by student and submit. List the number of bags on this form.
  • If they are claiming excess baggage and it wasn’t authorized on the student’s orders, get an amendment to the order that authorizes excess baggage.

Travel Advance Initial Payment

  • If the student received an ‘in country advance’, when you send the initial payment submit a completed Travel Advance Form showing the total amount received and the amount to be deducted per month.
  • When sending initial payment voucher you need to write the following in the itinerary, block 15a-d:
    • the country the student departed from and the installation they arrive at for their temporary duty training in block 15b
    • the appropriate ‘mode of travel’ and ‘reason for stop’ in blocks c and d:
Government Plane = GP
Commercial Plane = CP
Transport Plane = TP
Awaiting Transportation = AT
TDY location = TD 

Defense Language Institute Students

  • Students who trained at the Defense Language Institute (DLI) prior to arrival at your installation must have the following…
    • Advice of Payment/Final Pay Statement
    • Copies of any baggage receipts (if applicable).

Calculating the Allowance

  • Make sure you total the living allowance, reimbursable expenses and travel days in block 18. If the student received an advance, subtract the amount from the total due.
  • Compute the per diem for travel days as described below:
    • Add meal rate (varies depending on what installation you are at) and incidental rate.
    • Add 1st and last travel day at 75% of per diem rate.
    • Add each day between 1st and last travel day at full per diem rate.
For example, at Fort Benning… 
$  46  M/I rate
-    5  Incidental
+ 11  International Military Student
$  52
Travel days July 1 – 5…
$39 x 2 = $78        1st day and last travel day ($39 is 75% of $52)
$52 x 3 = $156      any additional travel days receive the full rate

Now add both totals…
$   78
+ 156
$ 235
Here's how it should look on your voucher: