Top errors on vouchers


1. Missing Traveler’s Signature
Your signature is required under penalty of perjury and fraud; A parent or legal guardian should sign the travel voucher for a dependent minor (see signing vouchers on behalf of a minor).

2. Missing Reviewer’s Signature
The Reviewer must verify their knowledge of the travel and review the voucher for completeness and accuracy by signing Form 1351-2. 

3. Missing Orders
Travel orders are required with the travel voucher submission.  Orders must cover the period of travel claimed.

4. Missing Amended Orders
If the original travel order was amended, then the amended order is required

5. Group Order Annex Missing
If you are traveling on a Reserve group order, then the annex roster must be included in the voucher submission.

6. Reserve Orders Missing 21T2 in Line of Accounting (LOA)
The LOA must include a 21T2 line. This line authorizes travel and transportation allowances.  Please have your orders amended to incorporate the 21T2 in the LOA.

7. Missing Signature Block on Reserve Orders
All reserve component travel orders must include a signature brief block to validate that it is an official document.

8. Inside Commuting Distance (Reserve Travel Exclusive)
If your order states you are “Inside Commuting Distance”, then you are entitled to one roundtrip mileage reimbursement. No per diem is payable inside commuting distance.

9. National Guard Vouchers
We only pays claims for National Guard members traveling in support of Contingency Operations. All other National Guard vouchers should be submitted to the traveler’s servicing state United States Property Fiscal Office (USPFO).

10. Illegible Documents
All documents submitted must be easy to read. 

Page updated August 13, 2020