Duration of Authority

The following table has the duration of authority dates for various entitlements.  For those entitlements requiring a written agreement, no agreement may be entered into after the specified ending date, unless authorized by Congress.  Other entitlements are authorized through the applicable end date.  See the DoD FMR Volume 7A Chapters for additional entitlement information.


Chapter 3: Special Pay – Officers Only Accession Bonus December 31, 2023
Nuclear Power Accession Bonus
Nuclear Officer Continuation Bonus (COBO)
Reserve Component  Affiliation Bonus
Retention Bonus
Transfer Bonus
Chapter 5: Health Professions Officer (HPO) Special and Incentive Pay Accession Bonus
Critically Short Wartime Skills Accession Bonus
Board Certification Pay
Incentive Pay
Retention Bonus
Chapter 8: Special Pay - Special Duty Assignment Pay Special Duty Assignment Pay
Chapter 9: Active Duty Enlisted Members Enlistment, Reenlistment, and Retention Bonuses Critical Skill Retention Bonus
Enlistment Bonus
Conversion Bonus
Prior Service Reenlistment Bonus
Selective Retention Bonus
Transfer Between Components Of A Military Service Bonus
Transfer Between Military Services Bonus
Voluntary Extension Retention Bonus
Chapter 10: Special Pay - Duty Subject to Hostile Fire or Imminent Danger Hostile Fire Pay
Imminent Danger Pay
Chapter 11 Special Pay-Diving Duty Diving Duty Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay
Master Diver Skill Incentive Pay
Chapter 15: Special Pay – Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP) Army – 14th Missile Defense Battery September 30, 2021
Army – Drill Sergeant and Advance Individual Training Platoon Sergeant
Army – Cyber Command September 30, 2023
Army – Intelligence and Security Command
Army -  Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap, Alice Springs, Australia
Army – Joint Special Operations Command
Army – Korea AIP
Army – Operational Deployments (USAREUR) (USARPAC)
Army – National Training Center, Fort Irwin, CA
Army - Remote and Austere Conditions
Army – Security Force Assistance Brigade
Army – Select Recruiter Tour Extension (DASR) Effective January 24, 2023
Army – Special Operations Command
Navy - Consult the MyNavy HR website for a list of US Navy AIPs
Air Force – 315 Fighter Squadron (FS) Burlington, VT December 22, 2023
Air Force – 367 FS Homestead ARB, FL
Air Force – 378 FS Truax Field, Madison, WI
Air Force – Alice Spring, Australia December 31, 2023
Air Force – Korea AIP
Air Force – Turkey AIP
Air Force – Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Field Operations 24 December 31, 2024
Air Force – Kingsley Field, Klamath Falls, Oregon
(effective Jan 26, 2022)
Air Force – Special Operations Command
Air Force - Extended Training Service Specialists August 31, 2025
Air Force – 724th Special Tactics Group 25 December 31, 2025
Space Force – Cavalier SFS, ND December 31, 2023
Marine Corps - Consult with Headquarters Marine Corps Manpower and Reserve Affairs for a list of USMC AIPs.
Chapter 17: Special Pay – Hardship Duty Hardship Duty Pay – Location
Hardship Duty Pay – Mission
Hardship Duty Pay – Restriction of Movement
Navy – Hardship Duty Pay – Tempo October 1, 2023
Chapter 18: Special Pay – Career Sea Pay Career Sea Pay December 31, 2023
Career Sea Pay - Premium
Chapter 19: Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus
Chapter 20: Aviation Bonus (AvB) Aviation Bonus (AvB)
Chapter 22: Aviation Incentive Pays Hazardous Duty Incentive Pay
Aviation Incentive Pay for Aviators in Operational Flying Duty (OFD) or Proficiency Flying Duty (PFD) Positions
Aviation Incentive Pay for Aviators NOT in Operational Flying Duty (OFD) or Proficiency Flying Duty (PFD) Positions
Critical Skill Incentive Pay
Chapter 23: Submarine Duty Pay Submarine Duty Pay
Continuous Submarine Duty Pay
Chapter 24: Incentive Pay-Hazardous Duty Other Than Aerial Fights Parachute Duty
Flight Deck Duty
Demotion Duty
Experimental Stress Duty
Toxic Fuel (or Propellants)Duty
Toxic Pesticides Duty
Dangerous Viruses (or Bacteria) Lab Duty
Chemical Munitions Duty
Maritime Visit, Board, Search, Seizure (VBSS) Duty
Polar Regions Flight Operations Duty
Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support (WMDCS) Team
  Special Warfare Skill Incentive Pay (SWSIP)  
Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Skill Incentive Pay (SKIP)
Chapter 25:  Subsistence Allowances Basic Needs Allowance December 31, 2027
Chapter 26: Housing Allowances Temporary Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Increase December 31, 2023
Chapter 55: Reserve Income Replacement Program Reserve Income Replacement Program
Chapter 56: Ready Reserve (RR) Accession, Affiliation, Enlistment, And Retention Bonuses Enlistment Bonus
Enlisted Affiliation Bonus
Prior Service Enlistment Bonus
Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Conversion Bonus
Officer Accession and Affiliation Bonus
Selective Retention Bonus
Transfer Between Components Of A Military Service Bonus
Transfer Between Military Services Bonus
Chapter 59: Payment to Members of the Senior Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (SROTC) SROTC Skill Proficiency Bonus
Chapter 61:  Bonus Program for the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) and Inactive National Guard (ING) Affiliation or Enlistment Bonus
Reenlistment Bonus
Transfer Between Components Of A Military Service Bonus
Transfer Between Military Services Bonus
Chapter 63: Accession and Continuation Bonuses for Nurse Officer Candidates Accession Bonus


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