Documents to included when submitting a TDY Travel Voucher (DD 1351-2)

When submitting your Active Duty/Defense Agency TDY Travel Voucher, it’s important to ensure that all necessary documentation is included with your voucher. This will help ensure that your voucher is processed and paid accurately and quickly. Information regarding the details of documentation to be included is provided below. You may print a pdf version of this information on submission documents.

Note: If you are submitting more than one TDY claim at one time, then please print and insert the separator page between each claim before sending.  This ensures that the documents for each separate claim remain together.

Travel Orders Include one legible copy of the DD 1610-Request for TDY for DOD Personnel, or any other travel orders and all amendments to the original orders.
Please note that Credit Card receipts cannot be used as the primary receipt for lodging, rental car, or commercial transportation (airline ticket, train, or bus). Receipts are required for lodging and rental cars, regardless of the amount, and for any miscellaneous expenses of $75 dollars or more.
Lodging Include one legible copy or original receipts for all lodging claimed, whether en route or at TDY location. Travelers must include a paid, itemized receipt from hotel, motel, or other commercial establishment or government facility. If TDY is performed at a military establishment where government quarters are available, commercial lodging will be limited to the government quarters cost unless non-use of the government quarters is supported by a statement or confirmation of non-availability or other appropriate justification.
If double occupancy rates are charged, the voucher must show the name of the other government employee on official travel. One half of the double occupancy charge will be allowed for each employee. If the person sharing the room is not a government employee on official travel, the name is not required. The traveler is responsible for obtaining the single room rate if only the double rate is shown on the lodging receipt.
Rental Car Include one legible copy or the original receipt for the costs related to a rental car. The use of a rental car must be authorized in the travel orders. When an authorized rental car is reserved in advance, it is the traveler’s responsibility to see that he or she is charged only the reserved rate. The reserved rate can be found on the flight itinerary from authorized U.S. Government ticket-issuing agencies. If the traveler is charged more than the reserved rate, an explanation is required on the voucher. Reimbursement for insurance paid by the traveler will not be authorized (except overseas). Upgrade charges are not reimbursable unless the approving official certifies that the upgrade was necessary to the mission and signs box 21 of the DD 1351-2.
Whenever the traveler purchases his or her own commercial transportation tickets, a copy of the receipt must be submitted with the travel voucher. Reimbursement will not exceed that cost that would have been incurred if transportation had been purchased by the Government or other limitations as prescribed by the governing travel regulations. Please note that when commercial transportation tickets are purchased from a travel agency other than those under contract with the U.S. Government, reimbursement of the cost of tickets could be denied.
Conference Fees Include one legible copy or the original receipt for costs related to registration/conference fees. Registration/conference fees must be authorized in the travel orders in order to be reimbursed. List all meals included in the cost of registration fees, by meal(s), i.e., (B-Breakfast, L-Lunch, D-Dinner) and the date(s) in block 19 of the DD Form 1351-2.
Misc. Expenses Include one legible copy or the original receipt for any additional authorized expense that is $75 or more. If small items of expense, such as gas, tolls, or parking charges are lumped together and exceed $75, show the individual breakdown of expenses on the voucher.
Example: A claim for $76 in gas charges would be entered as follows:
Block 18 = Feb 1-15
Block 18 = Gas $11, $15, $18, $20, $12
Block 18 = $76
Foreign Travel If travel was to a foreign country, claim all lodging and reimbursable expenses incurred in foreign currency as U.S. currency and include on the voucher the Conversion Rate Used.
Misc. Attachments Include one copy of any letters approving actual expense allowance or other pertinent letters/forms. Control numbers for Statements of Non-Availability (SNA) will be used instead of the paper copy. These SNA control numbers must be written on the voucher and must list what was not available. (i.e., meals and/or lodging).

Page updated February 10, 2015