Defense Agency Employees Temporary Duty (TDY) Customer Service

The following service members and civilian employees of the agencies use the contact information below: 

• Civilians traveling in support of Army active duty members
• Army Materiel Command employees
• Civilian defense agency employees (excluding DLA, DCMA, and DCAA)

General Customer Service Questions  1-888-332-7366
    DSN:  699-0300    Select option 1

Submit your TDY question online using askDFAS.

Send your claim securely online using the Travel Voucher Direct
or read the Where to Submit your Claim information to send by another method.

Civilian Relocation Customer Service

Civilian employees of the following agencies and Services should use the contact information on this page to ask Permanent Change of Station questions and to submit claims:

  • Department of Defense Agencies
  • Navy Working Capital Fund and Revolving Fund
  • Army and Army Materiel Command

Air Force and Marine Corps employees contact your servicing finance office for Travel Pay information.

Claim forms must be submitted by mail or fax. If you do not have access to a fax machine, you may send an e-mail to our fax machines using the "e-mail to fax machine" numbers listed below.

Contact Us

General Customer
Service Questions
Email: AskDFAS
Claims Fax: 216-367-3422
DSN Fax: 580-7833
Email to fax machine:

Fax: 216-367-3428
DSN Fax: 580-7839
Email to fax machine:

Set-up or change Electronic
Funds Transfer (EFT)

In order to prevent payment delays, please ensure to prepare and submit an SF1199A Direct Deposit form with your first claim and whenever your EFT information changes.

Mailing Address DFAS Rome
Attn: Travel Pay, Civilian Relocation
325 Brooks Road 
Rome, NY 13441

Page updated July 23, 2020