Voucher Payment Process Steps


A Notification of Receipt is emailed after we receive your travel voucher. If you didn't get yours, there could be a problem. Check out the potential reasons. The status notifications listed below describe where your voucher is in the process...

graphics representing the five steps in processing claims - receive, log in system, examine, approve, pay

Your voucher has been received
DFAS has your voucher. Thank you for your patience, we will process your voucher soon.

Your voucher has been received and logged
DFAS has your voucher and your information has been input into our payment system. This is the second of our five step process.

If you provided an email address on your voucher, you should have received an email from our payment processing system letting you know you’ve reached this step. If you did not provide an email with your voucher, check your AKO email account. If available, sometimes we use that address.

Remember, your voucher must still be examined and approved before being released for payment. Thank you for your patience as we work through our payment process.

Your voucher has been assigned to the examiner
Your payment is currently being calculated. We calculate your payment based on several factors including your orders, the entitlements you claimed on your voucher, and various DFAS and Department of Defense (DoD) regulations and policies. This is the third of our five step process. Thank you for your patience.

Your voucher is awaiting approval
Your payment amount has been calculated and is almost ready. First, it must finish flowing through our systems in order to be released for payment. Once approved, the payment system will release the funds. This is the fourth in our five step process. Thank you for your patience, your payment is almost ready!

Your voucher has been released for payment
Your payment was approved and released by our payment system. Please allow some time for your payment to be reflected in your account by your financial institution. Thank you for your continued patience throughout this process.

Unfortunately, your voucher has been returned
There was an error with your voucher and we had to send it back to you for correction. We are sorry for the inconvenience and want to work with you to correct your voucher so we can get you paid in a timely manner.

If your voucher was for Temporary Change of Station (TCS), Temporary Duty (TDY) or a Civilian Relocation your voucher will be emailed to you explaining what corrective action is needed in order be ready for payment.

If your voucher was for a Military Permanent Change of Station (MILPCS) your voucher was sent back to you through the postal service. Please allow time for the voucher to arrive at the address provided on your voucher before making the noted corrective actions and returning it for payment processing.

Unfortunately, we do not have a record in our system 
We checked our system and could not find your voucher.

Please check to ensure the travel authorization number you used to check the status of your voucher is correct. If you continue to get this message please read the below information before resubmitting or contacting the Customer Care Center.

For Military Permanent Change of Station vouchers, we may have your voucher and it is not yet in the system. Please allow a few days for our technicians to enter your information into the system then try again. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.

Page Updated February 10, 2021