Filling out your DD 1351-2 travel voucher?

We are here to help. Visit your local pay office for assistance. You may see ads for help in completing your voucher but why spend money when your DMPO or DFAS Care Centers can do the same for free?  Also, use this checklist to make sure you’ve included the required information on your 1351-2. Be cautious when using a service not affiliated with DFAS.

Read more about the new Chip/PIN travel cards!

Understand the tax allowances you may be eligible for regarding travel entitlements. Read the recently updated information on Income Tax Reimbursement Allowance regulations. Be sure to get the latest Status Certification Forms.

Are you sending in your TDY travel claim? 
Make sure you print the separator sheet and place between each claim if you have more than one. Separate your DD1351-2 and supporting documents for the 1st claim - insert separator sheet - add DD1351-2 and supporting documents for 2nd claim - insert separator sheet - add 3rd claim (repeat as needed)... scan, then submit online with Travel Voucher Direct.

Traveling on Evacuation Orders

Check here for more details on filing your claim

Page updated October 5, 2020