Leave is one of the many benefits offered to government employees. Explore general leave information below:

The type, amount and nature of your leave benefits depend on the type and length of your employment and military status.

The leave year begins with January’s first full pay period. Accumulated leave exceeding the legal leave ceiling is forfeited at the beginning of each year. For more information on leave ceilings, please refer to the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) leave ceiling.

Earned annual and sick leave is posted to your record each pay period. Earned leave is posted before leave taken in the same pay period is charged against your leave balances.

You should request approval of all leave. The request should be documented and approved in writing by a supervisor designated to make such approvals. Documentation should include the dates, times and types of leave taken.

You may not be compensated for leave taken in excess of leave accrued, unless the leave is taken for religious observances and compensatory time off for religious reasons was approved.

Leave Increments
Leave increments vary by agency. For specific leave increment details, please consult with your organization’s human resources office.

Detailed Leave Information
For more details about various leave benefits, including available options, accrual rates and common questions, visit the following web pages:

For more information visit OPM's Leave page.

For Civilian Pay questions, please contact your Customer Service Representative (CSR). Contact your immediate supervisor for more details.

Page updated April 24, 2017.