Locality Pay

Your official duty station, not where you live, determines your locality pay. If you get a job in a new area, your locality pay will change to your new duty station’s rate. However, if you go on temporary assignment, you will receive your current pay.

Special Higher Minimum Rates for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)
LEOs in General Schedule (GS) grades 3-10 are entitled to worldwide special pay rates. Visit the Office of Personnel Management’s Law Enforcement General Schedule Locality Pay tables for details.

Special Pay Adjustment for Law Enforcement Officers in Select Geographic Areas
GS, Senior Executive Service and senior-level LEOs in eight geographic areas receive special pay adjustments of 4, 8 and 16%. However, when added to Basic Pay under the GS, the LEO special pay adjustment may not exceed the Executive Schedule’s level IV rate.

For Civilian Pay questions, please contact your Customer Service Representative (CSR). Contact your immediate supervisor for more details.

Page updated December 28, 2016