Returned Vouchers

Was your voucher returned and you need help correcting it? If your TDY travel voucher is missing information and is not “pay-ready,” we have a dedicated returned voucher team who will coordinate directly with you to obtain the information needed to process your voucher so we can send your reimbursement to you as quickly as possible.  

We will contact you via email or phone and let you know what information or documentation we are missing or needs to be corrected. We will also provide complete instructions on where to send the required information and documents.

You will have 3 business days to provide the missing information to us before your voucher is returned to you as non-pay ready.  Corrected information can be sent to the email or fax number below. If you send us the corrected or missing information within 3 business days, your voucher will be processed for payment.

If you missed the deadline, you may still submit your corrected travel voucher to us via the same method you used for your original voucher submission.

DFAS Rome:
Fax: (317) 275-0329
Fax DSN: 510-366-0329

Page updated April 28, 2021