Notification of Receipt

Did you submit a travel voucher and not receive a notification of receipt back from DFAS? 

This may be due to the fact that DFAS did not receive your travel voucher.  See below for potential reasons why your submission may have not been received:
  • The email attachment is larger than 5MB
  • The email attachment is another email (when submitting a travel voucher via email, do not attach an email with a travel voucher already attached as an attachment to new email; see below for example)

  • PDF document with JavaScript (not applicable if being sent from a .mil email account)
    • The May 2011 verison of the 1351-2 has JavaScript built into it; therefore you must print the document, scan it back into your computer and then submit
  • PDF document with active digital signatures
    • You must print the document, scan it back in to your computer and then submit
Note: Always allow at least 24 hours after submission for your notification of receipt (this will allow enough time for your Travel Voucher to be logged into the system and the notification to be generated).

Page updated February 10, 2015