The Defense Finance and Accounting Service’s (DFAS) Civilian Payroll Office administers voluntary payroll garnishments. All court-ordered garnishments are processed by DFAS’ Garnishment Law Directorate. [will link to garnishment landing page]

Voluntary Garnishments
Voluntary garnishments, including child support and alimony, are processed by your civilian payroll office. A voluntary garnishment request must be in writing and should include the following:

  • Your Full Legal Name
  • Amount of the Deduction
  • Frequency of the Deduction
  • Payee’s Full Legal Name
  • Payee’s Complete Mailing Address or Financial Institution’s Routing Transit Number and Account Number for Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Your Signature

Fax your voluntary garnishment request to 866-401-5849.

Court Ordered Garnishments
Court-ordered garnishments are processed by DFAS’ Garnishment Law Directorate office in Cleveland, Ohio. Court-ordered garnishments include:

  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Commercial Garnishments
  • State Tax Levies
  • Bankruptcies

For complete information about court-ordered garnishments, please visit the Garnishments page.

For Civilian Pay questions, please contact your Customer Service Representative (CSR). Contact your immediate supervisor for more details.