Submitting your advance or settlement voucher

DFAS processes vouchers for civilian employees of the following agencies:
  • Defense Department Agencies
  • Navy Revolving and General Funds
  • Army and the Army Material Command
  • Marine Corps
All other agencies, please contact your finance office for travel pay assistance.
The following options are available to submit your advance or settlement vouchers. 

Travel Voucher Direct 
“Submit a Ticket” and then upload your document.  Travel voucher direct is our most secure method of submission.
Email Submission:
Travel settlement voucher:
Advance request only:
(216) 367-3422
Attn: Travel Pay, Civilian Relocation
325 Brooks Road
Rome, NY 13441
Customer Service:
Civilian Relocation Customer Care Center: 1-888-332-7366 Option 1, Option 0, Option 1

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Page Updated June 9, 2020