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Real Estate reimbursement is authorized for some approved expenses related to the sale of your home at the old duty station and/or the purchase of a home at the new duty station.  Your agency will determine your eligibility for Real Estate allowance.
Quick Tips

Things you need to know:
  1. Real Estate reimbursement is a taxable entitlement.
  2. The settlement/closing must be complete before the one year anniversary of your report at the new duty station.  An extension of up to an additional year may be granted by the agency’s commanding officer.
  3. Home sale and purchase claims should be submitted separately with applicable supporting documentation attached.
  4. Reimbursement must not exceed 10% of the actual sale price on a Sale of Residence at the old PDS.
  5. Reimbursement must not exceed 5% of the purchase price on a Purchase of Residence at the new PDS.
  6. A list of reimbursable and non-reimbursable items can be found at JTR 054504.
  7. **General Services Administration (GSA)-Residence Transaction Expenses-Home Purchase Reference**

    All real estate sale and purchase claims require a civilian employee to prepare and submit DD Form 1705 (Reimbursement for Real Estate Sale and/or Purchase Closing Cost Expenses) to be reimbursed for expenses. A designated official must review the expenses claimed are reasonable in amount and customarily paid by the seller or buyer (as appropriate) in the location of the property and sign the DD1705. The reviewing official may use the service of available legal officers in determining whether any claimed item is an authorized real estate expense or a finance charge under the Truth in Lending Act (15 U.S.C. §1601).

Important Information
For Official Review before submission to DFAS:
DFAS and DISA funded employees please submit claims for review and signature to:
POC contact: 317-212-3254 or DSN 312-699-3254
DoD Civilian Navy, Marine and Army funded employees should submit their claims for review and signature to the authorizing official at their command.
Voucher Submission for Real Estate
  1. DD Form 1351-2 (Travel Voucher/Sub Voucher) – Be sure to review the Civilian relocation DD Form 1351-2 Voucher checklist.
  2. DD Form 1614 (Travel Authorization/Orders) with all amendments
  3. DD Form 1705 - Reimbursement for Real Estate Sale and/or Purchase Closing Cost Expenses
  4. Copy of the Closing Disclosure Statement or HUD-1; employee signature required
  5. Copy of the Sale/Purchase Agreement with both buyer and seller signatures
  6. Include Direct Deposit Form SF1199A
  7. Copy of paid, itemized receipts for expenses paid outside of closing, not listed on the settlement statement
Joint Travel Regulations (JTR)
Do you need more information about this entitlement? Click below to review the information. The link is a searchable PDF, scroll to the section you are interested in, then click on the blue link to be taken directly to the page. Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), Chapter 5, Part F, section 0545 
Need help filling out your form? Check out our YouTube Video eTutorials for more help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I sell a residence at the old official station to be eligible to purchase a residence at the new official station?
No, you do not have to sell the residence at your old official station to be eligible for residence purchase transactions at your new official station.
How long do I have to submit my claim for reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with my residence transactions?
Your claim for reimbursement should be submitted to your agency as soon as possible after the transaction occurred. However, the settlement dates for the sale and purchase or lease termination transactions for which reimbursement is requested must occur not later than one year after the day you report for duty at your new official station.
May the 1-year time limitation be extended by my agency?
An extension may be granted only if extenuating circumstances prevented the employee from completing the sale, purchase and/or lease termination transaction within the initial 1-year period and that the delayed transactions are reasonably related to the PCS. (CBCA 2092-Relo, 13 October2010)
Will my agency reimburse me for losses due to market conditions or prices at the old and new official station?
No, losses incurred due to market conditions or prices at your old and new duty station are not reimbursable when incurred by you due to:
  • Failure to sell a residence at the old official station at the price asked, or at its current appraised value, or at its original cost; or
  • Failure to buy a dwelling at the new official station at a price comparable to the selling price of the residence at the old official station; or
  • Any losses that are similar in nature to (a) or (b).
What residence transaction expenses are reimbursable if an employee violates the terms of his/her service agreement?
If the employee violates his/her service agreement, no residence transaction expenses will be paid, and any amounts paid prior to such violation shall be a debt due the United States until they are paid by the employee.
Who can help me fill out the DD Form1705?
Your HR office and/or your legal office should assist you with all aspects of your Real Estate claim, including your DD Form 1705. The DFAS customer care center cannot assist with the proper completion of this form
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How to complete DD 1351-2 for Real Estate Purchase or Sale

Block 1: Payment: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is mandatory. Submit an SF 1199 or DD 2762 with updated banking account information.
Split Disbursement:  If you would like funds applied directly to your Government Travel Card, place an “x” in the block and indicate the dollar amount to be applied. If  your reimbursement is less than the amount requested, then the whole reimbursement will be applied to the Government Travel Card.
Block 2: Name:  Last name, first name, and middle initial of Employee.
Block 3: Grade of the Employee.
Block 4: Social Security Number of Employee – full 9 digits.
Block 5: Indicate “PCS” and “Member/Employee.”
Blocks 6a-6d: Valid mailing address.
Block 6e: Valid and legible e-mail addresses.
Block 7: Daytime telephone number.
Block 8: Order/Authorization number which is listed on the original orders (See DD Form1614 Block 25).
Block 9: List any and all previous payments paid from any finance office pertaining to the travel period being claimed. List “0.00” if you have not received any payments.
Block 10: This block may be used to make a note to explain something to the travel office, if applicable (e.g. Supplemental for_         ”
Block 11: Employee’s new duty station address where employee is being assigned (See DD Form1614 Block 8).
Blocks 12-17: Not required to be completed for Real Estate reimbursement.
Block 18a. List the real estate transaction closing date.
               b. Specify Real Estate Sale or Real Estate Purchase (separate vouchers are required).
               c. List the total expense amount as approved on Form 1705, block 20.
Block 19: Not applicable.
Block 20a&b: Signature of traveler and date signed.  Do not forget the date in Block 20B, even if it is in your digital signature. Signature date must be the day of or after final date claimed.
Block 20c-f: Reviewer’s signature and date signed. All parts (20c, 20d, 20e, & 20f) must be completed or voucher will be returned. Signature date must be the same day or after the traveler.
Block 21: Would be required for after the fact approval.
Block 22: Not applicable.
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Real Estate Sale/Purchase DD 1351-2

Real Estate Sale/Purchase Form 1705
Real Estate Sale/Purchase Form 1705 filled out

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