myPay browser requirements

Starting in November 2022, Internet Explorer will no longer be compatible with myPay.

The reliance on technology, from home computers to the Internet, has created a growing class of criminals who profit from scams, identify theft and a whole host of activities intended to separate you from your money and reputation. There are also those who view websites, systems and even your computer the same way graffiti “artists” view a blank wall; it’s a challenge for them to demonstrate their skills in penetrating protections designed to keep them out.

Outdated browsers may contain vulnerabilities within security protocols that may expose you and your information to criminals looking to collect personal information, passwords, account numbers and other items better kept secure.

myPay only supports browsers with JavaScript and strong encryption enabled. Browser supported by myPay:
Google Chrome v.72 or above
Edge version v..80.x or later
Other browsers that support strong encryption may be used to access myPay, however, no support will be provided by myPay if there are problems with the browser interacting with myPay. Examples:
Safari v.12 or above
Firefox v.65 or above

Make sure your browser is up-to-date to prevent any interruptions accessing your leave and earning statements, tax statements, or other functions available through your myPay account.
Know what version you’re using
Most browsers have an “About…” link in their Help menu. Selecting the link will display the version you’re using. You can also find out about upgrading your browser using Help or by calling your Internet Service Provider’s customer support.


Page updated November 16, 2022