Go Electronic...safer, quicker and it saves money!

Your important documents can be delivered quicker and safer electronically through your myPay account. Tax documents, account statements and other information affecting your finances are available at your convenience by opting in for electronic delivery....and you help save resources and money by eliminating the need to send them by mail.

You can opt in for electronic delivery only for:

  • Tax documents: W-2s, 1099-INTs, 1095-B/C (healthcare insurance verification), and 1099Rs (for military retirees/annuitants)
  • Leave and Earning Statements (civilian employees)
  • Annual Retiree Account Statements (RAS)
  • Debt notification letters (civilian employees)

Turning on electronic delivery in myPay is easy!

Just follow these steps:

  • Log in to myPay
  • Agree to the terms of the user agreement
  • If you have multiple myPay accounts (military, retiree or civilian), select account you wish to change using the Select an Account link at the top of the page.
  • Select Turn on/off hard copy statements. Statements associated with your account will be displayed. Slide buttons will show current preference (green or on for hardcopy, red or off for electronic delivery).
  • Make selections by sliding button right (hardcopy) or left (electronic delivery).
  • It will take 3-7 business days for changes to be reflected by the pay system. Until that happens, your original preferences will remain whenever you view this page.


Page updated September 9, 2020