Leave & Earning Statements

Beginning March 13, 2010, civilian employee Leave & Earning Statements will be displayed in a mobile-friendly summary view.

The sections of your LES will be separated individually and accessed by tabs labeled:

  • Summary (block 21 on printed statements)
  • General (blocks 1-20, 22)
  • Earnings (current and retroactive if there are any)
  • Deductions
  • Leave
  • Benefits
  • Remarks

In full-screen mode all tabs will display left to right on the screen. When myPay is accessed using a mobile device the screen will adjust and display one tab at a time and a drop down menu will be available to select different sections of the LES. myPay will still compare the latest issued LES to the first prior LES to identify values that changed. However, instead of being highlighted on the LES itself, a summary of changes will be displayed below the LES. As previously noted, this functionality will only be available on the most recent LES.

The full DoD LES form will remain available for printing and saving in PDF format from the Printer Friendly LES option.

Additional pay statements and forms will be converted to the summary format in future myPay releases.

Page updated March 23, 2020