About myPay's Summary View Documents

Leave and Earning statements and tax documents available via myPay are delivered online in summary view format. This newer format allows customers to review differing sections of their documents for closer inspection and understanding.

Over the past year, different customer groups have experienced this format which some have hailed as an improvement in the delivery of their important tax and financial information while others have reported concern that myPay no longer showed a one-page document many have grown accustomed to over the years.

Summary view documents separate the various parts of the once crowded pay and tax statements onto separate tabs making statements much easier to read from mobile devices.

Customers can navigate directly to the tab of interest without needing to scan the entire document. The tabs of the summary view mirror the main sections of the traditional statement. Some examples include entitlements and deductions, federal and state income tax withholding, the home address DFAS has on file, and the address of the DFAS office maintaining the specific pay account. This feature also enhances usability for customers using assistive technologies, such as screen readers, while using myPay.
myPay users can access current W-2s or 1099Rs as well as tax statements for the preceding four years DFAS has managed their pay records. LES and RAS documents also allow retrieval of past pay statements. All statements are available for viewing in both the traditional statement and summary view formats.

Each pay and tax statement can be viewed, saved and printed as a traditional statement in PDF format using the “Printer Friendly” option located above the summary view document selected.
Page updated March 23, 2021