For many long-time myPay users, navigating within their accounts, gathering information, and making changes to their military, federal civilian employee or retiree/annuitant account is not an overwhelming challenge. For others, especially those unfamiliar with digital devices or doing business online, myPay can seem a bit scary.

There are, however, a few ways to get help and even send questions or requests for assistance securely online.

myPay Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As the name implies customer questions have been collected and presented in the FAQs along with answers to help you manage and use myPay accounts for military, federal civilian employee, and military retirees and annuitants.
Topics include Login ID and password, establishing or updating your email address, setting up a Limited Access account, SmartDocs email notifications, and more.

The link to myPay FAQs is located at the top of each screen, from the login page to the pages within your account. Just look at the top of a page to locate the FAQ link.

Contact Us and Ask myPay

The myPay Contact Us link will get you to the list of phone numbers and secure online connections to help solve login and password problems you may be experiencing.

In addition to the myPay customer support representatives, there are links to the Ask myPay online form for submission of your myPay dilemma and a way to find any nearby Trusted Agents  who may help you solve myPay login and password needs in person.

For help not related to accessing the myPay system (such as requesting older Leave & Earning or Retiree Account Statements) , the Ask myPay form provides links to other Ask DFAS forms allowing customers to submit trouble tickets regarding Military Pay, Retiree Pay and Travel Pay.

The DFAS YouTube Channel 

myPay tutorial videos are stored in the DFAS YouTube Channel specifically for myPay account owners.

Some of the videos there include:
  1. Getting started with myPay
  2. Requesting your Login ID
  3. Changing your email address
  4. Changing your physical mail address
  5. Changing your password
  6. Using Two-Factor Authentication
  7. Using an Authenticator App
myPay Help Feature – Look for the Question Mark (?) Icon

Once logged into your myPay account various options are listed allowing you to review and, in some cases allowing changes to be made to your pay account. When accessing one of these options, a question mark (?) will appear on the top right side of the screen.

Clicking on the question mark (?) will display information about that specific option along with directions (when appropriate) for printing or changing information in your myPay or pay account.
Page updated January 23, 2024