It only takes a moment...use the official myPay address (URL)

Crooks and hackers will try anything to fool you and trick you into giving them your personal information. It only takes a moment to click a bad link that looks like legitimate myPay and, before you know it, in the background a bad actor is stealing your information and possibly your money!

It only takes a moment to make sure you are going to a safe destination. Before you click a link in an email or browser search result, STOP and make sure the address behind the displayed link is where you intend to go. Here’s how:

First, know the format and become familiar with the components of the web address, known as a URL, of the official myPay website.

Correct format for official myPay URL
Next, do a quick inspection before you click.

Using a Desktop
From your browser: Right click on the address bar and select the option to display the full URL If a picture of a lock does not display at the beginning of the URL as shown above, click on the “View site information” icon. There you can check whether the connection is secure and verify the certificate is valid.

From an email: Hover over or right click on the hyperlinked text to expose the destination URL.
From Search Engine Results: Verify the URL format & source
Using a Mobile Device
From your browser: Tap the address bar to expose the full URL and access information about the page
From an email: Instead of a quick tap, hold your finger on the highlighted text until a window opens showing you the destination URL

From Search Engine Results: Verify the URL format & source.
As with anything you do to increase your personal security, understanding the threats and being consistent with protections can pay dividends in keeping you and your information safe.
Page updated January 8, 2024