myPay's Two-Factor Authentication is mandatory for all users!

myPay two-factor authentication now allows use of authenticator apps!

How to set up myPay Two-Factor Authentication

Step 1: Sign in to myPay.

Step 2: Select a Preferred method to receive your One-Time PIN and click Next.. This may be your phone number (capable of receiving text messages), your email address, or an authenticator app. IMPORTANT: Make sure you have access to the phone or email you select to complete the opt-in process. If you select an authenticator app, make sure you have installed and set up in the app on your phone or tablet.

Step 3: If you selected to set up an authenticator app: myPay will display a QR code and a secret key. Open the app on your smartphone, select add an account, and either scan the QR code OR enter the secret key, account name “myPay”, and make sure you select the time-based option.

Step 4: Type the one-time PIN into myPay and click Submit.
Using Phone or email: Enter the One-Time PIN. If not entered before PIN expires, you will need to request another.
Using the Authenticator App: Enter the PIN displayed by the authenticator app.

Step 5: Once your One-Time PIN is entered, you have validated your preferred method as capable to receive One-Time PINs for future myPay login sessions. Click Finish.

  1. Once you have opted in and selected a preferred method for receiving a One-Time PIN, your other email address(es) or mobile number on record become your alternate method(s). You may update your personal email address and mobile number at any time from your Personal Settings.
  2. If using the Smart Card (CAC or PIV) Login after opting in for Two-Factor Authentication, receiving and entering a One-Time PIN will NOT be required as your smart card contains certificates to validate your identity.
  3. To ensure that you receive SmartDocs messages, please add DFAS-SMARTDOCS@MAIL.MIL to your email safe senders list and to your mobile phone contacts.
Page updated March 20, 2023