Below you will find links to the forms, instructions and guides necessary to claim secondary dependents by category. Please insure to follow all instructions carefully..

Keep it current! It is important to remember that the status of all secondary dependents should be kept current with the office maintaining your claim. If a secondary dependent’s status, income (increase or decrease), or address changes you are required to send a new 137 with supporting documents stating the change in the status as well as a second 137 that covers from the last approval (the date in the upper left corner of your most current letter) to the date of the status change showing the previous status to your service’s SDC office. Even if you are not due to recertify per the letter received, a change in status makes you due to recertify.


          DD Form 137-3
          Instructions for claiming parents as secondary dependents


          DD Form 137-3
Instructions for claiming parents-in-law as secondary dependents

In Loco Parentis

          DD Form 137-3
          DFAS Form 9124 (Affadavit by member)
          DFAS Form 9124 (Affadavit by claimed dependent)
          DFAS Form 9125 (Two (2) third-party affadavits NOT completed by relatives of the member or the claimed dependent.)
          Instructions for in loco parentis secondary dependency claims

Incapacitated Child (21 years or over)

          DD Form 137-5
          A medical sufficiency letter signed by a Uniformed Services medical provider or civilian physician is also required. Use this example of a medical sufficiency letter to get started.
          Instructions for claiming incapacitated children (21 years or over) as secondary dependents 

Student (21 or 22 years old)

          DD Form 137-6
          Instructions for claiming students (21 or 22 years old) as secondary dependents 

Ward (Under 21 years old)

          DD Form 137-7
          Instructions for claiming wards (under 21 years old) as secondary dependents 

The following guides are provided to assist members in completing secondary dependency claims:

When you're ready: How to submit your initial or recertification secondary dependency claim

All packages can be submitted only via two ways. NOTE: NO FAX OR EMAIL IS ACCEPTED.

  1. Submit completed dependency packages to our secure AskDFAS Secondary Dependency Claims module. This will require documents to be scanned onto the computer and then uploaded to the ticket online. After a ticket is made, you will be emailed your ticket number for reference and updates on your application.
  2. By Mail: All packages may be sent via mail to the address below:

    8899 E 56th Street Indianapolis, IN 46249

For assistance, use our toll free phone: (888) 332-7411; when prompted select options 4, then option 3, 2, 3.

If you already have an open ticket for your secondary dependency claim please do not open additional tickets. If you realized you forgot to attach a document please wait. If we need that document we will request it from you and you can submit it at that time. Multiple open tickets presents the possibility of tickets and attachments being missed, especially if the additional tickets are not opened exactly like the first ticket (same email address, phone numbers, etc.). Please read the instructions for your DD 137 to see what attachments are required, as well as all of the applicable instructions provided which will show what attachments are needed. Items such as copies of ID cards, licenses, SSN cards, 1172s, pictures of people, etc. are not required or needed. If you only submit what is listed in the instructions there is more than enough room to get all of your attachments on one ticket.

Page updated February 23, 2023