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Making School Certifications Easier with the New DD 2788 Form Wizard

Last year, we began rolling out a series of new tools to help retirees and annuitants fill out and submit forms easily and correctly. The tools include helpful PDF Form Wizards, how-to checklists, how-to videos, and AskDFAS online upload tools.

Now, we have a new tool: the School Certification (DD 2788) PDF Form Wizard.

We receive a high percentage of forms we are unable to process, often because a form is missing information or a signature. We know it is frustrating for everyone when we are unable to fulfill a request because of missing information or signatures. We hope the form tools, especially the PDF Wizards, will make the process smoother and easier.

The Form Wizards “take the form out of the form” by having the customer answer a series of questions. Once they have answered the questions, the wizard automatically places their answers in the correct areas of the form and generates a ready-to-print PDF of the completed form. Customers can also save a PDF of the generated form to their own computer.

Even more exciting, we added electronic signature capability to the School Certifications Form Wizard. The electronic signature option allows the student annuitant to electronically sign this form in place of a handwritten signature.

Electronic signature will make the process of completing and submitting the form much easier for student annuitants because they can fill it out, sign it, and authenticate it online and then upload it online in AskDFAS on instead of having to print out a form, sign it, and then scan it to upload online.

The School Certification Form Wizard is available on the School Certification webpage at: