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Director’s Message - September 2020

Greetings from Cleveland. Can you believe it’s fall and back-to-school season already?
In this issue, we preview our newest Form Wizard for the School Certifications 2788 form with a new electronic signature option. The School Certification Form Wizard will help child annuitants complete the required form quicker and easier. We’re excited about this tool, so please check out that article and watch the Latest News area of our website for announcements: www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary
We also have an article on the importance of checking and making sure your Arrears of Pay (AOP) beneficiary and Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) beneficiary are current and contact information is correct. It’s important to keep that information updated, as well as making sure your loved ones know what to do if you pass away.
As you may know, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a new 2020 IRS Form W-4. In this issue, we explain how to fill out your W-4 or use myPay if you need to update your federal tax withholdings. You are NOT required to send a new W-4 unless you are claiming exemption from federal taxes.
Be sure to check out our article on the upcoming myPay Two-Factor Authentication option and what that means for you.
We also include information from the Navy Retired Activities Office (RAO), Air Force Assistance Fund Charities, the Armed Forces Retirement Home, and new enrollment fees for some TRICARE Select Retired Beneficiaries.
Finally, we include some helpful contact information so you know what agency to contact for pay or benefit questions. 
We hope you find this newsletter helpful. If you have retired military friends who aren’t online, please share the PDF version of the newsletter with them.
We thank you for your service and are honored to serve you.  

Page last updated on Sept 16, 2020