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Suspension of Pay

Failing to notify us of a change of address or banking information can result in missing payments. Your retired pay will be suspended if we have multiple payments returned to us.  By law, when a retired member is missing or there is no information concerning his or her whereabouts, the retiree’s account must be suspended.

When this happens, we can only resume paying you after we receive a letter from another government office verifying your identity. The office must be of the following:
  • law enforcement (federal, state, county, or local)
  • Social Security Administration
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Disbursing office at an armed forces base or post

The correspondence must:

  • be on the letterhead of the office
  • state that you have personally appeared and provided positive identification
  • contain the signature of the verifying official 
  • contain your signature and social security number
  • include your current check mailing and correspondence addresses

Be sure to bring at least two forms of identification with you.

We will audit your account and reissue payments you are owed once we receive and process the above information.

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