Qualified Hazardous Duty Areas (QHDA)

DoD FMR Vol. 7A, Chapter 44

Authority Location(s) Effective Dates
From Through
Public Law 104-117 Bosnia;
Herzegovina; and
Nov 21, 1995 Oct 31, 2007
Public Law 106-21 Albania; The Adriatic Sea; blank Mar 24, 1999 Mar 31, 2002
The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; Kosovo blank
Serbia June 1, 2014
Montenegro June 1, 2014
The Ionian Sea north of the 39th parallel blank blank
Public Law 115-97 Egypt (Sinai Only) Jun 9, 2015 blank

1.   In order to have CZTE treatment of wages for services performed in a QHDA, a member must be entitled to hostile fire pay (HFP) or imminent danger pay (IDP) while performing service in the QHDA.
2.   IDP for Bosnia and Herzegovina; Croatia; and Macedonia was terminated October 31, 2007.
3.  Albania had IDP terminated March 31, 2002; Serbia had IDP terminated June 1, 2014; and Montenegro had IDP terminated June 1, 2014.  If, and when Executive Order 13119 is rescinded, Albania, Serbia, and Montenegro will no longer qualify as a QHDA.


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