Marine Corps: Helpful Hints

  • Medical sufficiency letter example.  Members can provide this sample letter to their caregivers to explain what information is needed in the letter they write on behalf of their incapacitated child.
  • Expenses breakdown – How to determine household, personal and school expenses when filling out DD Form 137 series.
  • Fill out application completely. Missing information (incomplete application) is one of the primary reasons for an unfavorable determination.
    • Submit complete Dependency Application packages to include copies of court orders, birth certificates, social security cards, etc. as required.
    • Submit dependent request packages through your command admin. It will then be forwarded via your command to HQMC, Military Personal Services Branch (MFP-1).
    • When a dependency application package has been disapproved (for incomplete, outdated, or omission of required information), and the service member desires to resubmit, he/she must submit a new, complete BAH package, to include a current Dependency Application (NAVMC Form 10922).
    • DEERS/RAPIDS officials can only confirm information on the sponsor or family member. The official cannot volunteer personal information from the DEERS record.
    • Please stop in to your nearest DEERS/RAPIDS office as soon as possible to update your record when there have been changes to your personal information (loss/addition of dependent, military status, marital status, address, etc).
    • If a personal identifier is entered into the DEERS database and a record is created, then the record will always remain in the DEERS database; however, the record may not necessarily be displayed on the RAPIDS software at the issuing facility.
    • Confirm your DEERS information about once a year to ensure that your enrollment information is current.