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Submit completed dependency packages to our secure AskDFAS Secondary Dependency Claims module.

For assistance, contact the Total Force Service Center (TFSC) for 24/7 support at 1-800-525-0102 or submit a myFSS ticket.

Air Force/Space Force SDC Helpful Hints

Air Force/Space Force: Help with Secondary Dependency Claims

Submitting an initial or redetermination package for secondary dependency can involve a lot of work to compile the documents and information required. The following information is provided to help you with the process.

  • Sample Medical Sufficiency Letter: You can provide this sample letter to your child's caregivers to explain what information is needed in the letter they write on behalf of your incapacitated child. 
  • Expenses Breakdown: Use our worksheet to help you determine your claimed dependent's monthly household, personal and educational expenses.
  • Help with completing DD Form 137 series (1, 3, 5, 6 or 7):
    • Original documents are NOT required; legible copies are sufficient
    • Only one form is required when applying for both BAH and USIP/ID card entitlements at the same time.
    • Include all supporting documents listed under the BAH section and USIP/ID card section with the DD Form 137 series you are submitting.
    • All forms must be filled out completely; if a block does not apply, put “N/A” – failure to do so will result in the application being returned without action.
    • Mark “X” for benefits you are claiming – BAH, USIP card and/or travel
    • Mark “X” (Yes or No) if first application – If no, give date of last application
    • Member’s address – where you live. Also provide mailing address if different 
    • Phone – identify as commercial or DSN 
    • Email address, if available
    • Claimed dependent's date of birth in YYYYMMDD order only.
    • Claimed dependent’s name and address of employer – answer completely
    • Claimed parent and his/her spouse live apart – provide complete reason parent’s spouse does not support your claimed parent.
    • List both name and address of owner of the dwelling where the claimed dependent lives
    • Persons living where claimed dependent lives – list all residing in that unit including the claimed dependent
    • Household expenses – all expenses for the entire household are required for the claimed dependents’ residence, not just the claimed dependent’s share
    • Personal expenses – List all expenses of the claimed dependent. Must include documentation of medical expenses along with Tricare payments made on claimed dependent's behalf (if any) for ISIP card valuation.
    • Assets - Be sure that each asset-related expense is matched to an asset that is listed here. For example, if a rental unit is listed, rental income must also be listed. If listed expenses include auto or insurance payments, there must be an automobile identified and listed as an asset.
    • Income – Written verification required from the source of the income.
    • Remarks – identify the block number from the form the remarks relate to
    • Signatures/Notaries – make sure all signatures are completed. All forms with notary blocks MUST be notarized; failure to have the documents notarized will result in return of the application without action. The notary signature relates to the signature of the dependent or guardian.

Avoid common mistakes

  • General
    • Illegible or incomplete application package
    • Type or print legibly, on all forms
    • Ensure you read the printed instructions carefully and completely
    • All blocks on the various forms must be completed or marked N/A to ensure nothing is missed
  • Missing forms/documentation
    • AF Form 594 – complete parts A, B, C, and block 8 for BAH
    • DFAS-DE Form 1856 (Initial Request for BAH)
    • DD Form 1172 (if claimed dependent is not currently enrolled in DEERS)– required with DD Forms 137-3, 137-5, 137-6, and 137-7
    • Verification of claimed dependent’s income (include gross income and all deductions) – needed for BAH/USIP (ID) card and/or Travel
    • Proof of member’s support for BAH requests. If dependent does not re-side with member, dependent support allotment is best proof
    • Relationship documents – the complete chain to prove relationship to the member
    • Medical sufficiency statement (incapacitated child, DD Form 137-5) endorsed by military treatment facility commander, per AFI 41-115
    • Guardianship document (ward of the court) – from court in the US only – needed with DD Form 137-7 for BAH/USIP card and/or travel
    • Verification of student full-time enrollment – read instruction above block 1 on the DD Form 137-6
Page Updated April 28, 2023