Acceptable Documents for Household Expenses Paid

List the household expenses for all persons living in the home. If an expense was one-time only, do not show this as a monthly expense; list it as an expense for the past 12 months. Documentation to show proof of household expenses paid is required. Any substantiating documentation submitted must be dated within the past 12 months of receipt of application.

DD 137 Form Requests:
  • Rent/Mortgage/FRV - Rent or mortgage paid for the home in which the claimed dependent resides. If no rent or mortgage is being paid, Fair Rental Value (FRV) must be listed.
    • The FRV is the amount the owner of the residence can reasonably expect to receive if they were to rent the home to a stranger. This is usually based upon rent amounts for similar residences in the area. If FRV is used, please provide a brief explanation how FRV was obtained in the remarks section.  To obtain FRV, locate your house on and obtain the “List your Home for Rent” price or contact a local realtor for FRV guidance.
  • Tax  - Amount of taxes paid for the home (if applicable).
  • Insurance  - Amount of insurance paid for the home (if applicable).
    • If you are renting, you likely only have rental insurance.
  • Food  - List the entire monthly food bill for ALL persons in the home.
  • Utilities  - List the full amount of all monthly utility bills.
  • Furniture and Appliances  - This should list the cost of any furniture or appliance item purchased for the home within the past year.
  • Repairs on Home - List any expense related to making repairs or renovations to the home within the past year.
  • Other  - Any amount listed should be itemized in the remarks section of the DD Form 137 and a dollar figure provided for each one. This expense includes all household related expenses that are not already accounted for on the form. (For example: lawn maintenance, tree trimming, gutter cleaning, security system, cable/internet, trash pickup, HOA fees, pool maintenance, etc.)
Acceptable Documents to show Proof of Household Expenses Paid:
  • Mortgage statement / Lease agreement / FRV
  • Annual tax return showing amounts paid
  • Receipt(s) - Agencies reserve the right to examine receipts and remove unapproved items
  • Invoices/Purchase Receipts marked paid by the vendor
  • Bills along with form of payment (For example: Cancelled check—front & back, credit card statement,  or bank statement—highlighting the transaction amount)
  • Utility and repair bills with canceled checks or receipts
DFAS cannot accept the following documents to show Proof of Household Expenses Paid:
  • Cash contributions
  • ATM withdrawal receipts
  • Bank statements showing withdrawals to unknown source(s)
Page updated September 1, 2021