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Filling out your DD 1351-2 travel voucher?

We are here to help or visit your local pay office for assistance. Your local pay office or DFAS Customer Care Centers can provide assistance for free. Be cautious when using a service not affiliated with DFAS.

The May 2011 DD1351-2 travel voucher is the only accepted version of the form. 

Use these checklists to help fill out your voucher and for Army PCS moves refer to the Travel Voucher Guide to make sure you’ve included the required information on your DD 1351-2 form.


Read more about the new Chip/PIN travel cards!

Visit Defense Travel to learn more. 

Separating or Retiring - Pay attention to your discharge date

Your travel voucher cannot be processed until the date you are placed on the retirement list or your discharge date. This date will be on your military orders. Refer to the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) for more information.

Check Your Voucher Status Online

There's an easy way to find out the status of your travel voucher! The tool provides travel payment status for Active duty Army PCS and active duty Army and National Guard. This is for non-DTS travel claims.

The tool works with all browsers except Safari. (Please note: This tool will only work with CAC enabled computers.)

Joint Travel Regulations:    

Click to view Joint Travel Regulations.

Are you sending in your TDY travel claim? 

Make sure you print the separator sheet and place between each claim if you have more than one. Separate your DD1351-2 and supporting documents for the first claim - insert separator sheet - add DD1351-2 and supporting documents for second claim - insert separator sheet - add third claim (repeat as needed). Then scan, and submit online with Travel Voucher Direct.

Travel Pay Resources

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