Common Errors to Avoid

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Common Errors on claims

 5 common errors to avoid ensuring your claim is pay ready when submitted:

  1. Include all Orders and Amendments(DD Form 1614)
  2. Make sure your signature and date as well as the Reviewers signature and date are complete on DD Form 1351-2 blocks 20 a-f.
  3. Complete the entire itinerary (block 15) on the DD Form 1351-2 using the correct codes on page 2 and including an “MC” at the end of your trip.
  4. Include SF 1199 EFT/Direct Deposit Information with each submission
  5.  Be sure your email information is accurate and legible in Block 6 on DD Form 1351-2

Hold on to that... what documents do I need to keep during my move?

We strongly recommend that you save every document (i.e., receipts, bill of sale, invoices, etc.) for every incurred expense in your civilian Permanent Change of Station move; these may be needed for reimbursement and/or tax purposes. A properly completed DD Form 1351-2 (Travel Voucher or Sub voucher) must accompany every request for payment. Be sure to keep a copy of anything you submit, as well as a copy of all settled vouchers, for your records.

Use these resources to ensure your voucher is filled out accurately:

Civilian Relocation Travel Voucher Guide

DD1351-2 Voucher Checklist

ETutorial YouTube video series

Page updated Jan. 17, 2019