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Miscellaneous Expense Allowance (MEA)

Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), Chapter 5, Part B

The Miscellaneous Expense Allowance is a taxable entitlement.

A Miscellaneous Expense Allowance (MEA) is an entitlement that allows you to be reimbursed expenses that are not easily categorized. Some examples of reimbursable costs include disconnecting/connecting appliances, non-refundable utility fees/deposits, automobile registration and related costs.

Things you need to know:

  1. First Duty and Final move employees are not eligible for MEA
    1. First Duty employees traveling to a foreign outside the continental United States (OCONUS) location may be eligible for foreign transfer allowance (FTA) through their local finance office by filing for the expense on a form SF1190..  The MEA portion of FTA is not paid at DFAS Rome.
    2. Foreign Transfer Allowance (FTA): The purpose of the FTA is to help defray an employee's extraordinary but necessary and reasonable costs when he/she transfers to a post in a foreign area. The FTA has four parts, the first part is the MEA portion:
    3. The Miscellaneous Expense Portion is to help cover "miscellaneous" expenses incident to a foreign assignment such as pet transportation; vehicle registration; driver's license; utility fees or deposits not offset by an eventual refund; and conversion of appliances. The flat amount for an employee without family is  the lesser of either one-week's salary or $650. For an employee with family it is the lesser of two weeks' salary or $1,300. A  higher rate is available if the employee provides itemized receipt  (see DSSR 242.1b).

For more information on the FTA entitlement, please consult the  Department of State Standardized Regulation (DSSR)

2. Amount allowable:

  1. Lump Sum:
    1. $650 for an employee without dependents listed on the orders.
    2. $1,300 for an employee with dependents listed on the orders.
    3. No receipts required.
  2. Itemized:
    1. Employee's one week salary to include locality, for an employee without dependents at the new permanent duty station (PDS)
    2. Employee's two week salary to include locality, for an employee with dependents at the new permanent duty station
    3. Payment is not to exceed the GS-13 step 10 pay scale
    4. Submission of the employees leave and earnings statement (LES)
    5. Paid in full receipts are required regardless of the amount
  3. Advance of funds is not authorized

Voucher Submission for MEA

1. DD Form 1351-2 (Travel Voucher/Sub Voucher) – Be sure to review the Civilian relocation DD Form 1351-2 Voucher checklist.

  1. You must include the following statement in block 18 of DD Form 1351-2.
    "I certify that I (or "We" if you are claiming family MEA with dependents) have discontinued my (or "our" if you are claiming family MEA) residence at the old PDS and have established a residence at the new PDS."
  2.  Include the dollar amount being claimed in block 18 of the DD form 1351-2.

2. Approving Official’s signature is required if itemizing with receipts.

3. DD Form 1614 (Travel Authorization/Orders) with all amendments.

4. Paid, itemized receipts if itemizing

5. Direct Deposit Form SF1199A

Miscellaneous Expense Allowance Frequently Asked Questions

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