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askDFAS Online Tools for SBP Annuitants

Did you know DFAS Retired & Annuitant Pay has online tools to make managing your SBP annuity pay account easier? 

  • Our askDFAS Self-Serve Tools allow you to conveniently update your mailing address, request a duplicate 1099-R tax statement, or request verification of pay using an online form.

  • Our askDFAS Online Upload Tools allow you to simply and securely submit documents to DFAS for processing. Using askDFAS to submit your documents is far superior to mail or fax. Many document uploads will also receive status notifications as they are processed! 

  • Our askDFAS “Ask a Question” Tools allow you to send a question and get a response via askDFAS.

What Do You Want to Do?

Click On a Link Below to Find a Specific Tool:

Report the death of an SBP annuitant
Change my mailing address for my SBP Annuity Pay Account
Get a duplicate copy of my 1099-R tax statement
Request a verification of pay letter
Submit a form or document online
Submit a question via askDFAS

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askDFAS Online SBP Annuitant Change of Address Tool

Use this online tool to quickly and easily request an update to the address on file for your SBP annuity pay account. Fill out the ticket and verification questions and submit your request.

1099-R Online Reissue Tool

Request a duplicate mailed copy of your 1099-R using our convenient online tool. The IRS Form 1099-R is used to report the distribution of retirement benefits such as pensions and annuities, similar to a W-2 for taxable wages. DFAS issues 1099-Rs, either electronically or by mail, no later than January 31 each year – please allow time for the mail to arrive. Requests for re-issuance of a 1099-R are available through the above link; usually beginning the second week of February.

Request Verification of Pay

Use this online tool to quickly and easily request a verification of pay letter mailed to your address on file. Your letter should be in the mail within 7-10 business days. If you need a verification of pay letter sent to an alternate address please contact our Customer Care Center.

Submit a Form or Document Online

Securely submit documents in a PDF format to DFAS for processing. Click the link below that best fits your form or document. See "How to Submit Documents" below for step-by-step instructions. 
General SBP Annuitant Documents - Upload
(Use this tool if the document does not fit one of the specific tools below)
DD 2656-7Claim SBP Annuity - Upload*
DD 2788Child Ann School Cert - Upload*
DD 2828 – Child Ann Phys Cert - Upload*
DFAS 9415 – Ann Rep Payee Cert - Upload*
Power of Attorney/3rd Party Doc - Upload
SBP Annuitant DOHA Appeal - Upload
SBP-Marital Status Update - Upload*
Tax Withholding Changes - Upload* 
*These form upload tools will send Status Notifications to the email address included on the askDFAS ticket.

How to Submit Documents Using the askDFAS Online Upload Tools

1-Click on the askDFAS upload tool link that best fits the document (see above)
2-Fill out all applicable information
3-Read the instructions and click the Confirmation button
4-Attach your completed and signed documents in PDF format (include name and SSN on each attachment)
5-Scroll to the bottom and select “Upload File(s)”
6-Select “Submit”

Please note: All documents submitted via an askDFAS online upload tool must be in PDF format; include retiree name and SSN plus SBP annuitant name and SSN on each attachment.
For Form Uploads, it will take up to three business days for your document(s) to be available in our processing system. We can process a typical request in 30 business days if we have all the required information upon submission.

Submit a Question via askDFAS

Send a question and get a response via askDFAS. See "How to Submit a Question" below for step by step instructions. 
Annual Eligibility/School Cert - Questions
General / Form / Document - Questions 
Payment Inquiry - Questions 
Starting SBP Annuity Pay – Questions

How to Submit a Question Using the askDFAS “Ask a Question” Tool

1-Choose the “SBP Annuitant - Ask a Question” subcategory that most closely matches your question (see above).
2-Fill out all applicable information. If validation questions are present, you must answer correctly in order for DFAS to respond.
3-Fill in your question. Please be as clear and specific as you can when providing your question.
4-Click “Submit” to send your question to the DFAS Cleveland Customer Care Center. Please remember the passcode you created on the ticket so that you can access it to review the answer.

After you submit your question via one of the tools, expect a response via askDFAS within three business days. You will receive an email alerting you when your ticket has been updated with a response. You’ll need to log back in to the ticket to view the response.
Please note: tools that are designed for account-specific questions will ask “Validation Questions” that you must answer correctly in order for DFAS to respond. On such tickets, if the Validation Questions are answered incorrectly, a 24-hour security hold will be placed on the annuitant’s account. This means the annuitant must wait until the 24-hour security hold is over to contact the DFAS Cleveland Customer Care Center for more assistance.

Customer Guide to Online Tools

Click here to get the helpful guide to our online tools and resources for SBP annuitants and retirees. 

Online Tools for Survivors of Military Retirees Who Passed Away

We have special tools for the family of military retirees who passed away. There is an online form to report the death of a military retiree, as well as two “Ask a Question” tools for beneficiaries. We also have an online upload tool for the SF 1174 Claim Form, to claim a deceased retiree's final pay. 

Notification of Death tool - Use this online form to report the death of a military retiree.

Final Pay of Deceased Member - Questions  - Use this Ask a Question tool to ask a GENERAL question about how to claim a deceased retiree's final pay. This includes the Arrears of Pay (AOP) Claim Form - SF 1174 - and supporting documentation.
Starting SBP Annuity Pay – Questions  - Use this Ask a Question tool to ask a GENERAL question about starting SBP Annuity pay, such as the process steps and forms/documents required.

SF 1174 – Arrears of Pay (AOP) - Upload* - Use this askDFAS Online Upload Tool to submit your SF 1174 form (to claim a deceased retiree's final pay), certificate of death, and other supporting documentation. 


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