Entitlements for Military Service Members

When completing a PCS move, you will in-process with your local Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO) who will help answer any of your entitlement questions. Click below to learn more about each entitlement and claim submission.

Monetary Allowance in Lieu of Transportation (MALT)
Plus (Per Diem)
Temporary Lodging Expense
Dislocation Allowance
Personally Procured Moves
Dependent Travel 
Advance Payments 

Separating or Retiring Military Service Members

Are you separating or retiring from service? Read more on what you need to know regarding your travel claim at the end of your military service. You are authorized the following entitlements:

Monetary Allowance in Lieu of Transportation (MALT)
Plus (Per Diem)
Dependent Travel
Personally Procured Moves (PPM)
Advance Payments

When you complete a PCS move, you will in-process with your local Defense Military Pay Office (DMPO) if DFAS pays your PCS. Your DMPO/travel office will answer specific entitlement questions and assist with completing your travel voucher package.

If DFAS does not pay your PCS travel claim, contact your servicing travel office.

List any previously paid advances on your travel voucher. Including your travel advance information is critical to make sure you are paid correctly. We don't want you to owe the government at some future date for an uncollected advance.

If DFAS settles your PCS travel, your DMPO sends your travel package to our DFAS Rome, NY location. We process the following types of vouchers for Army members:

- Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves 
- Do-It-Yourself / Personally Procured Move (DITY/PPM
- Retirement claims

If DFAS does not process your military PCS claim, ensure you check with your servicing travel office for any additional specific requirements.


Download this How to Complete the DD1351-2 Guide for detailed information and be sure to avoid these top errors to get your payment without delay.

Include a current email address
Your AKO Webmail (@us.army.mil) messages are no longer being forwarded to your new Enterprise Email address (@mail.mil). Make sure you enter a current, valid email address on your DD1351-2 travel voucher. We send your 'notification of receipt' email to the address you provide. We don't want you to miss messages from us about your travel voucher!

Page updated August 7, 2014