Army Active Duty TDY

Defense Finance
and Accounting Service
Providing payment services of the U.S. Department of Defense

We serve active duty soldiers submitting TDY vouchers. 

Make sure your claim is complete and correct before you send it in! Follow these five steps:

  1. Read the Temporary Duty Travel Voucher Guide to find out how to complete the DD 1351-2 travel voucher.
  2. Use the Traveler's Checklist to make sure you complete all the required information. 
  3. Look at these frequently asked questions.
  4. Avoid these top errors to get your payment without delay.  

Use the May 2011 version of the travel voucher, DD1351-2 form!
After April 30, we will only accept the current version of the travel voucher. Earlier versions signed and dated May 1 or later will be returned for action. We don't want you to have to redo your claim on the current version of the form dated May 2011. 

The May 2011 version is accepted using one of the following methods...
1) digitally signed and electronically submitted,
2) digitally signed, hard copy printed then emailed, faxed or mailed in or 
3) hard copy printed with pen/ink signatures and emailed, faxed or mailed.

Remember, you can use the SmartVoucher to make things easier! It guides you step-by-step through a series of questions and upon completion, it will generate a completed DD Form 1351-2 travel voucher. 

Use a separator sheet
Are you sending in more than one claim at the same time? Make sure you rpint the separator sheet and place it between each claim. Then submit online with the Travel Voucher Direct.

Include a current email address
Make sure you enter a current, valid email address on your DD1351-2 travel voucher. We send your 'notification of receipt' email to the address you provide. We don't want you to miss messages from us about your travel voucher!

Active Duty TDY Entitlements

Accrual/Partial Payment Vouchers

Travel Advance Payments

Airline Ticket Reimbursement

Returned Vouchers

Split Disbursements

Supplemental Travel Vouchers

Page updated May 14, 2015