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How to refer an out-of-service debt package

DFAS processes debts when individuals are no longer paid by the Defense Department. These out-of-service debts can arise from overpayments, erroneous payments, debts resulting from use of Defense Department facilities or services or prior debts owed to the Defense Department. If you need to refer an out-of-service debt package, first determine if the debt is eligible.


  • Debtor is an individual
  • Debtor is currently listed as separated in all DoD pay systems
  • Debt is delinquent
  • Total debt amount is a minimum of $225.00. If an individual has multiple debts of $225.00 that combined total equal $225.00 or more then consolidate the debts and refer them as one package. 
  • Debt is for recovery of DoD appropriated funds

Debts NOT eligible
DFAS only processes Defense Department out-of-service debts. The following examples are highlighted because we frequently get asked to collect these debts.

  • Army Corp of Engineers debts. Refer these debts to:
Army Corp of Engineers
5720 Integrity Drive
Millinton, TN 38053-2054
  • Department of Veterans Affairs debts
  • Debts resulting from contracts
  • Debts associated with Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentality

Transmittal letter
A transmittal letter is the first step in referring an out-of-service debt. Please include the following on the transmittal letter:

  • Full name and Social Security number of debtor
  • Amount of debt
  • Name, email and telephone number for Debt Collection Office (DCO point of contact
  • Name and location of the office accountable for the debt
  • A unique 9-digit transmittal number

Create transmittal numbers using the date of the transmittal letter and the number of the transmittal letter on that date. Express the date of the transmittal letter using the calendar year and Julian date. The Julian date is the date expressed as a sequential day of the calendar year instead of the date being expressed as the month, day, and year. For example, transmittal number 200808801 is the transmittal number for the first transmittal for March 28, 2008. The first four characters, 2008, refer to the calendar year, 088 is the 88th day of 2008 (March 28th) and 01 designates that this is the first transmittal letter for March 28th.

For guidance on transmittal letters, refer to the DoD FMR Volume 16, Chapter 3. 

Debt certification statement
A debt certification statement confirms the amounts of the debts being referred to DFAS are correct and that the debts are delinquent, valid, and legally enforceable. DCOs referring debts electronically will need to provide a debt certification statement along with their transmittal letter. See Figure 3-2 of the Department of Defense FMR Volume 16, Chapter 3 for a sample certification statement.

You may print and complete a copy of the example found on page 28-43 of the DoD FMR Volume 16, Chapter 3.

Due process demand for payment
Please provide a minimum of one due process demand for payment. Guidance provided in the DoD FMR Volume 16, Chapter 2.

Substantiating documents and information

Substantiating documents and information

Please include the following information to support debt validity and provide detailed information if possible. (Guidance provided in the DoD FMR Volume 16, Chapter 3 .

  • Copy of disbursement voucher when the debt is the result of a previous payment
  • Travel voucher including full name, nine digit SSN, and debt amount
  • DD Form 139, if available
  • DD Form 2481, if available
  • GPL/FLIPL: DD Form 200 for debts due to Financial Liability for Government Property Lost, Damaged, Destroyed or Stolen
  • Tuition Assistance: list of class description, institution, dates, debt reason 
  • Government Quarters: address of quarters, dates, description of damage and or rent due
  • Military Treatment Facility: list of all invoices including full name, nine digit SSN, and debt amount

Accounting Classification
Please provide the complete accounting classification(s) and year(s) to be credited with any collections.       

How to Submit your Debt Referral Package:

  1. Access askDFAS here
  2. Under Categories, select ‘Base Level Debt Submissions’
  3. Under Subcategories, select ‘Base Level Debt Submissions’
  4. Enter your information
  5. Upload required and supporting documents
  6. (If you have more than 10 attachments, please combine into a single PDF document before uploading)
  7. Click Submit
For step-by-step guidance for submitting your documents on askDFAS click here.

Additional instructions are inside the blue bracket.


We will request assistance with debt referrals requiring corrective action or we will return a stamped copy of the transmittal letter upon acceptance of accountability.

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Page updated August 10, 2021